Bo Happy – Pleasanton, CA

Bo Happy Chinese Restaurant
3550 Stanley Boulevard #3
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 931-0083

All right, so I’ve eaten their $3.99 lunch specials 4 times in the last 3 months and tonight decided to try them for dinner. Here are my reviews of their lunch specials and takeout:

1) Friday’s special – deLISH shrimp and broccoli over fried rice…yum! The shrimp was fresh and not overcooked (thank you!) and the fried rice was decent. Great first time experience and I thought I was on to something!

2) Monday’s special –mongolian beef…yum again! Everything was fresh and this dish made me re-discover mongolian beef as it usually isn’t something I’d order. I was excited about trying another lunch special!

3) Thursday’s special – orange chicken…now this is a dish that I usually like and order…but they really disappointed me this time. The chicken was tough, stringy and overcooked and the sauce was NOT orange chicken at all. It looked like orange chicken, but it didn’t smell like orange chicken and it sure didn’t TASTE like orange chicken!

4) Friday’s special again, I needed a pick-me-up from the orange chicken nightmare, so I was craving some good shrimp and broccoli…and I got it (thank you!)

5) Tonight, we tried takeout and ordered:

Wor Won Ton Soup – utterly disgusting…I couldn’t even finish it and I am someone who does NOT waste food! The won tons were tasteless, there was no bok choy (broccoli was the only veggie) and not only was the bits of pork also quite tasteless, but I didn’t even enjoy the soup itself!

Shrimp Chow Fun – another failure. How can anyone mess up chow fun? Sorry, Bo but I am NOT happy…even after adding all the soy sauce packets you gave me, this dish was another one I couldn’t even eat…and I was HUNGRY! 🙁

General Chicken – UGH! This actually resembled “orange chicken” and again, this didn’t smell like general chicken and sure didn’t taste like general chicken. No spice whatsoever and bland flavor.

If this wasn’t take-out, I would have asked for my money back. No matter how much I enjoyed my first visits here, tonight’s dinner trumped all and I won’t be returning to Bo Happy.

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